Are you looking for a professional Virtual Assistant to help you with your business needs? Keralaassistant is that source to help you with your business needs.

A virtual assistant (VA), is an independent contractor who works from a remote location. There are several arguments for and against regarding virtual assistant services. But time and technology has proved that using a virtual assistant has ever since resulted in the benefit of business owners. Hiring a virtual assistant can considerably reduce the operating cost. When you hire a virtual assistant, you pay for the work did. Thus, if you employ a virtual assistant for two hours a day @ $5 per hour, you only spend $10 to get a task done. No office premises, office equipment, leave, medical facilities and bonus etc.

Advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistants are also business owners. As such, by hiring a virtual assistant, you are hiring someone who has interest in business. Virtual assistants are dedicated and committed to their work. They gain income by delivering value to their clients. By engaging them to provide administrative assistance, you in turn free up your time to focus on your business activities. I understand that my revenue is totally dependent on the positive execution of tasks given to me by my clients unlike a full-time employee who gets paid a salary regardless of their effort.

Keralaassistant was set up in 2004 to communicate with persons around the world and assist small business owners (or any person who is in need of assistance) in their work. I (Gopalakrishnan) offer virtual assistance to business persons / dignitaries / freelancers around the world. At Keralaassistant, I provide high quality service to my clients. As a Virtual Assistant, I have worked with professors, doctors, businesspeople and professionals in US, Canada, Australia and UK. I have researched on several subjects, have collected huge volumes of business data / information. Kindly go through my sample work and you will be convinced that I am a highly skilled virtual assistant. I am not just a data entry operator. As time changed, I have learnt new subjects like web designing and programming too. I am familiar with legal terms and take online dictation from Indian lawyers.

Contact details:

keralaassistant@gmail.com or mailtowwit@yahoo.com

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